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Welcome to the Best in Palm Beach Gardens & Jupiter Pool Service

Welcome to The Friendly Guys Pool Services, where pool owners of Palm Beach Gardens & Jupiter rediscover a love for their pool with our convenient pool service plans. Our company is family owned and managed serving Palm Beach Gardens Florida with two generations of swimming pool management experience. Our service is backed by our one of a kind Pool Service Guarantee. We have a passion for providing our neighborhood residents with greatness in pool service workmanship at economical rates.

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For Palm Beach Gardens Pool Owners we Created a All-inclusive & Regular Pool Service Plan

* Our Starting at Price   ( Monthly price based on a 4 week billing period )

For customers who have a spa attached to your swimming pool, all pool service prices quoted will include your spa and this can alter the total monthly cost.

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Our Palm Beach Gardens pool service technicians use pool parts, products, equipment and supplies from top brands like Hayward, Pentair, Polaris and Jandy.

Supporting Palm Beach Gardens Pools in 23 Points of Care

Every week one of our Palm Beach Gardens swimming pool technicians will perform these services and tasks:

Water Health, Pool Chemicals & Water Balancing
  1. pH Factor - preserve Adjusting pool water acidity.
  2. Cyanuric Acid - test
  3. Total Chlorine (includes chloramines) - preserve
  4. Chlorine - preserve Sanitizing your pool water.
  5. Salt Content - weekly on saltwater pools
  6. TA (Total Alkalinity) - preserve Use bi-carbonate to raise and balance TA.
  7. Temperature & pH Factor - test Test swimming pool temps to give the best pH.
  8. Total Dissolved Solids - test Finding impurities in your pool water.
  9. Saturation Index (Calcium Precipitation Point) - test
  10. Calcium Hardness / Water Hardness - test
  11. Chloramines - preserve

Pool Equipment Operations
  1. Pump strainer baskets checked and emptied
  2. Sweep finger screen / wall screen checked and cleaned
  3. Sweep finger screen / wall screen: inspected
  4. Sweep finger screen / wall screen debris bags checked and emptied
  5. Valves monitored Examined and adjusted to improve circulation.
  6. Filter backwashes: DE filters (monthly), sand filters (weekly)
  7. Skimmer baskets checked and emptied

General Pool Service
  1. Weekly hose vacuum *
  2. Brush walls and steps
  3. Weekly Leaf & Debris Vacuuming *
  4. Net pool bottom and surface *
  5. Brush spa

* All-inclusive Pool Service Plan Only

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All Pool Services Include our Service Guarantee

The peace of mind of every Palm Beach Gardens customer is important to us. Learn More »

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Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

We also provide pool repair services to Palm Beach Gardens customers. We can service and repair your timers, motors, pumps, filters and valves. For most repairs we charge a diagnosis fee of $99 which will be applied towards any approved pool equipment repairs. View our repair services.

In addition to regular weekly cleanings our pool service technicians can handle filter cleanings, acid washes, leaks, repairs and many other things your pool or spa may need.

Our Palm Beach Gardens Coverage

Whether you reside in the Palm Beach Gardens 33418 or 33410 zip code (or a nearby area), we can provide you with weekly pool service from our knowledgeable and dependable pool technicians.

A Little about our City of Palm Beach Gardens

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We're Delighted to Serve the Jupiter Metro Area

With our pool service plans, which are backed by our Pool Service Guarantee, your swimming pool will look pristine every time you look out your window.

Send us a message or call us at (561) 448-7979 if you would like to schedule your swimming pool for pool service or inquire about pricing.